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At TWIST, we don’t train; we coach.

Coaching generates both the most sustainable results & the most enjoyment and engagement in the process along the way. We coach High Performance athletes & people who want to be become healthier, stronger, more energetic and perform better in their daily lives.

TWIST Coaching vs. Traditional Training

  • Training is repetitive; Coaching is progressive
  • Training is for someone who wants to be pushed through a workout; Coaching is for someone who wants to Be Better
  • Training is being told what to do; Coaching is the collaboration, communication and correction to do it well
  • Training is something you endure; Coaching is something you enjoy!

We believe everyone is an athlete and every athlete can improve with proper coaching.

TWIST is not just a place to train, it is a place to learn, a place to be challenged and a place to challenge yourself to get better, every day. Come in and experience the TWIST Difference and let the TWIST team of coaches and experts help you meet all of your health, fitness, nutrition and performance needs.

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Don’t be one; #GetOffYours


TWIST FALL Programs Sept 6-Dec 24 (16 weeks) *Start Anytime

Adult Fitness & Conditioning 

Athlete Development Programs 

TEAM Training

TPW_HockeyLogo_StackedIn-Season Strength, Conditioning and Development and Team Training Available

Customize your season with Twist Hockey Development programs on and off the ice this season.

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Check out the TWIST Whitby Class of 2015 in Action:


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